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At Creekside Hearing, we provide a full range of hearing testing and fitting of the latest technology in hearing aid services with our licensed and certified audiologists. Our hearing aids are a perfect fit for not only every budget, but for the active and professional lifestyle of each of our patients. Our advanced technology includes digital, programmable hearing aids, small in the ear aids, completely in the canal (CIC) aids, or behind the ear aids are available. Our audiology specialists are trained to offer comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid consultations, and hearing rehabilitation. We offer the convenience of stopping by for hearing aid cleanings, minor repairs and adjustments, and an onsite store for new accessories. At Creekside Hearing, we will personally work with you to choose the instrument that best fits your hearing needs, including the offering of no risk trial periods!

Creekside Vision Hearing Care

Creekside Vision Hearing  Care

Creekside Vision Hearing  Care
Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations and Consultations (Adults Only)
A diagnostic hearing evaluation determines the type, degree, configuration and symmetry of your hearing loss. This includes a variety of measurements. One of our skilled audiologists will perform the diagnostic hearing tests. If testing reveals you are a candidate, we will make an evaluation of your lifestyle and personal goals before determining the best hearing aid style for your particular hearing loss. Your personal decision to wear a hearing aid, combined with realistic expectations, are the first steps to improved hearing.

Custom Hearing Aid Adjustments and Fittings
In addition to our diagnostic hearing evaluations, we also offer custom hearing aid designs, fittings and testing that works with your budget because we understand how important hearing is in your daily life. We will choose the right instrument that suits your lifestyle and make sure you know all about the device and how it works. This way you can care and maintain your own instrument. Our audiologists use state-of-the-art equipment to program your hearing aid. This programming uses digital processing and programming through a custom computer, ensuring you will receive a top-of-the-line hearing device. You can trust us to get you back out into the world with a fully customized hearing mechanism, fitted and ready to work for you!

Hearing Aid Repairs
We take the hassle out of hearing aid repairs! We have an on-site service lab that is always available for hearing aid repairs. Typically, we are able to repair your hearing aid in-house, although, if your hearing aid does require more extensive work, we may have to ship it off to the manufacturer. Although, if your hearing aid is out for repair, we happily supply you with an interim hearing aid! If you ever have questions about your hearing aid or your hearing aid repairs, our friendly, experienced audiologists are always here to help!

Assisted Listening Devices
We understand the importance of assisted listening devices. Listening devices let you take advantage of a whole new world of sounds and our latest wireless devices let you make communication between your hearing aids and your remote control, television, mobile or landline phone, or FM system easily!

Custom Earmolds and Swimming Earmolds
At Creekside Hearing, we understand that sometimes a custom-fitted earmold is needed to ensure optimum performance and comfort. Custom earmolds are also worn for reasons besides hearing loss. They can be worn to prevent hearing damage during “loud” activities such as playing or listening to music, racing cars, and hunting. If you require or request a custom ear mold, our professional audiologist's will take an impression of your ear canal and outer ear using a quick-setting silicone-like substance. The impression is sent to a specialty lab where it's turned into a replica of your ear's structure. Our popular styles include canal earmolds, full-shell earmolds, skeleton earmolds, semi-skeleton earmolds, half-shelf earmolds, swimming earmolds, stethoscope earmolds, racing earmolds, pilot earmolds, and hunter earmolds.